1- Whatarethepaymentoptions?

InMiya Design, you can pay bycreditcards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), Money Transfer-EFT andpayment at thedoor is 5 TL.

2- What is theshippingcost, how manydayswill be delivered?

Shippingfee; If it is below50 TL, it is 10 TL; between 50 TL-99TL it is 5 TL andover 100 TL is free! Miya Kit productsareshippedwithin 2 businessdays. Classic Miya is a specialproductand it is deliveredwithin 4 businessdaysincludingthedesignperiod

3- Do youmake a giftpackage?

Miya Kit and Classic Miyacomefromtheirownspecialbox. There is nogiftpackage.

5- How to return / exchange?

There is noreturn-exchangeforthe Classic Miyabecause it is special. (cover, name, wire, photo).

Ifyouthinkthatyoureceived a damagedanddefectiveproduct in allproducts, pleasecontact us at

6- Can I sendgiftsto a friendfromyour site?

Wemaysendtheproductyoupurchasedtosomeone else on yourbehalf. Inthiscase, youneedtoregisteryourownaddress in the "InvoiceAddress “, the name of thepersontowhomyouwillsendthegift, andtheaddress of thephoneandtheaddress in the "Delivery Address" section. Please do not open a membership on behalf of thepersontosendthegift. Membershipinformationmust be ownedbythepersonwhoorderedthe name - emailandpaymentdetails.

7- Is yourwebsitesecure? providesdatasecuritywith SSL certificate. Yourmembershipinformation is not sharedwithany 3rd party.

Ourcreditcardpaymentinfrastructure is providedbyİyzico.

8- How can I orderVip Classic Miya?

You can selectthe model in our site, you can examinethesampleimage, you can createyourorderbyuploadingphotosfromthe Product Optionssection.